Focus on best outcomes for LDC residents, not political stirch-ups – Opposition Leader on Talk of Pacts

Responding to questions about whether a pact with the Lib Dem to take over control of Lichfield District Council was being considered , the newly-elected Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Sue Woodward has said

“First of all, I want to say many thanks to the electors of Chase Terrace who put their faith in me and Steve to represent them for the next four years. We will not let you down.

Having been elected as my Labour Group’s Leader on Saturday, I made it clear to my colleagues that I want us all to focus on getting the best outcomes for our residents and not political stitch-ups behind closed doors. People have had enough of ding-dong politics and I want to cooperate with the majority Group at the Council as far as possible, as well as the Lib Dems, in focusing all our efforts on making the best possible decisions on behalf of our communities.  It’s time for grown-up politics now.

If anyone thinks that I’ve gone soft on the Conservatives, they can think again. I will challenge them every step of the way. Over the 24 years that they have been in control, they have made many half-promises about supporting some of Labour’s local priorities which were not honoured. That cannot and will not be the case anymore – they will have to get support from outside their group at council meetings.”

Outgoing Opposition Leader, Cllr Steve Norman, said:

“Sue has one of the sharpest political brains and is the most hardworking, caring and co-operative councillor I know.  ‘So what attracted you to the hardworking Labour activist Sue Woodward?’ Mrs Merton could have asked me in 1994.

If we want a ‘Better Council’ then we should see if this approach works for 12 months, I hope and believe it will, but it will take all members of all three parties to play their part.” 

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